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Bronx Science
nd the mudders!

I felt really insanely creative (or just dumb) when I did this, so I wrote a "poem"
about the two days that happened when I was taking these pictures. Read along
with them or just scroll down straight to the bottom for a normal click and
explaination thingie. ^_^; The piccies are the same for both parts.
The end makes no sense, so just read. :P

This is the story of the Pokemon trainer Irene,
who wished to catch friendly Pokemon with great keen

Her first victims were the Pokemons Joyce and Jane
whom almost ran away with fear as soon as she came.

The next were found in the fields of Bronx Sci,
where she saw Lin and Carlymon wave "hi"s!

She tried to catch Andrew, Lenny and Julie next,
but Andrew hid away with his great dex.

Irene sighed tiredly, and decided to take a nap
but Lennymon caught her in his little trap.

She glared him away, and went into Japanese
where there she caught Lili, Ebonie, Devin, Ryo and Chris in class!

Happy now, she ran to get a snack
and that's where she caught Billy with a quick snap.

She pondered for a while, and walked through the halls,
maybe she can catch Alexmon playing handball!

But he ran so fast she only caught the courts,
and managed to find the cool David, of course!

Heading home now, ready for the next day,
she found Hobin, Lance and Jane eating away.

Then Paulmon found Irene, ready to surprise her,
but she ran away fast, leaving him to grr.

The last day, she finally found Andrew,
who after getting shot, ran away with his crew.

She got Jordimon after,
and wandered faster.

Joycemon took her camera, ready for revenge,
but Irene ran to some some stuffies who'd defend!

"Help me guys, to fight off this evil foe!"
and they came alive to chew off Joyce's toes!

"Ahh!" Joyce cried, and hid in the best place for Sanctuary.
That of course, was no other than the Flushing Library!

With a determined vow, Irene readied for another time,
where she will catch Alexmon somehow, hopefully with some magic chime!

Explainations.. :P

Joyce and Jane, at our bus stop. X_X

Carly and Lin! Whee, and I got Charles in the left ;P

Lenny ... er. o_O; and Juliiee XD And Misan's hand. :P

Me with my sketchbook in front of class @_X, Lenny took this.

Chris, in Japanese Class...

Devin in Japanese Class too...

Go Ryo go!

Jing's back and Lili ^^;

Yay, Eb! :D

Billy, in the cafeteria 5th ^_^;

Lance Hobin and Jane on Campus

David at the handball courts XD


Andrew, in front of the math rooms.

Joooordi XD

A quick shot of the school campus.

Whee, this is me on Union St, Flushing.

Me staring at the big hamster stuffy in Morning Glory.

Flushing library pretty ;_;