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(words from "Wave")

i started working on this manga around the middle of OCTOBER 2001.

i plan on finishing it.   i'm not gonna turn my back on it.. er,
well, maybe for a little while at times to think.

i'm still learning how to draw... i'm no where near as good as
every other net artist out there. so just excuse the crappy
artwork at times, heh... updates won't be on a normal basis
(as in, "every tuesday or something.), they'll be whenever...
I'm trying my best.

okay, and the prologue doesn't make a lot of sense as of yet,
one of the things to mention... you'll find out why later--
and another reason why you see things aren't consisting in
shading (tones/normal black and white CG) and sometimes color,
is cause ... well, it's cause I used different computers.
(and now, on my crappy 100MHZ computer... >_<)

and i want to note, this manga did come from ideas formed from
roleplaying on a mud.. which is currently gone... so please
check the thanks section for some of the people i have to

now,... i think that ends my little rant.