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- T H A N K S -

oneesan (lumina) : letting me use Sakura for the manga.. and always being
there for me

judy-chan: for letting me use Rathe in the manga, and being a great friend

aragon: for letting me use ara in the manga.. hehe

enkah: err.. enker... for letting me use eikigou in the manga, and being
the great.. um... "enkster"... yeah X_X

natdog: for letting me use Kesnick in the manga... and just being Nat, heh

sparrowhawk: for letting me use Maddoc in the manga.. err... and well...
being a freaky villian for almost every RP I ever had with him X_X

drago: for saving me TONS of braincells... helping me think of a title for
this manga, and a nice intro which I'm gonna post soon...

oniisan (aspect): you're my cyber-brother ^_^

pin/pamela: pin for being my real big bro, and pamela for being his cool
girlfriend through the years

all my friends in Bronx Science

all my friends from JHS210, PS97

all my friends on IRC & AIM

all my friends.

adobe, for making photoshop

tripod, even though it's being mean to me on my OTHER site. for being a nice, nice SIMPLE counter for having the most kickbutt free guestbooks and more for hosting my other site

and you for reading this.