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- u s e d -

1600MHZ, 128 MEG RAM, 40gig computer: my new computer for pages 9 and on of Chapter 1 and.. everything else! yay!

100MHZ, 64 MEG RAM, 8 gig computer: my long lasting computer my
brother gave to me after he got new ones...

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 6.0: all the graphics were made from here.
didn't use anything else for creating em

8.5" x 11" paper: where I drew all the manga

PIGMA BRUSH: pure black ink brush pens

STAEDTLER pigment liners (.01) (.03): my inkers

MICROPERM (.01) (.03): my other inkers

THE PENCIL: my favooooorite mechanical pencil

BLACK INK from someplace: .. yeah